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2008-10-30 20:10:15 by beast-unleashed

oh shit
*EDIT: i just found out that the post on the site was aperantly FAKE. to JadeTheAssassin. FUK YOU. ok i someone else gave me the link to this. i had no idea if it was fake or not i was just curious and told someone about it no need no be a fuking ass about it and call me a retard.


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2008-10-30 21:08:20

That looked so real.

beast-unleashed responds:

i was scared newgrounds was doomed but luckily it was fake.....right???


2008-11-13 20:45:41

After seeing the way you handled Volkain on the SMBZ thread, you are my hero.
My 14 year old, not-well spelling(at least, not all the time) hero.
I bow down to you.


beast-unleashed responds:

errm thanx lol