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Vacation soon

2008-12-20 18:14:08 by beast-unleashed

on wenesday christmas vacation will start WOOOHOO and i will be animating alot more (i hope) im probably not getting anything for christmas so im gonna stab my mom in her sleep. in other news im almost done with my smbz collab part then im going on to finish my shitty sonic vs shadow thats been delayed for so long. this post has no meaning and it goes towards no one but i felt like changing my post so fuck all of you t(-_-t)

Vacation soon


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2008-12-20 18:32:51

Vacation started yesterday due to snowstorm for me.

beast-unleashed responds:

lucky slut >:[


2008-12-24 17:39:08

lol u got the same type of picture on ur post as me....

-_- are u coping me?

beast-unleashed responds:

you think your original for having a motivational poster on yoru page wich has been all over the internet for months and millions of people are using it. yea im copying you...