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i am now using my new account. go here for shit

Gears Of War 2

2009-01-11 10:30:33 by beast-unleashed

HO K! i wanna play gears of fucking war. anyone out there wanna play me. well do customized weapon matches as in, all snipers match, boom shot match, torque bow match etc. my gamer tag is Tensephsycopath. i will be one some time today

Vacation soon

2008-12-20 18:14:08 by beast-unleashed

on wenesday christmas vacation will start WOOOHOO and i will be animating alot more (i hope) im probably not getting anything for christmas so im gonna stab my mom in her sleep. in other news im almost done with my smbz collab part then im going on to finish my shitty sonic vs shadow thats been delayed for so long. this post has no meaning and it goes towards no one but i felt like changing my post so fuck all of you t(-_-t)

Vacation soon

SMBZ collab easter eggs

2008-11-13 21:17:42 by beast-unleashed

the SMBZ Collab is in need of 4 funny easter eggs. go to EJR's page for moar info on the easter eggs.
as for everyone else

SMBZ collab easter eggs


2008-10-30 20:10:15 by beast-unleashed

oh shit
*EDIT: i just found out that the post on the site was aperantly FAKE. to JadeTheAssassin. FUK YOU. ok i someone else gave me the link to this. i had no idea if it was fake or not i was just curious and told someone about it no need no be a fuking ass about it and call me a retard.

collab post.if any one wants to join go ahead. the more people the better chance of a better animator, the better animators the better the collab. so ummmmm......yea JOIN NAO MOTHAFUKAS

smash flash 2 sprites.
has a bunch of good useful shit.


2008-09-12 07:01:10 by beast-unleashed

once again nothing really special yet sooo do wat you want here

yayyy its my fuking birthday on 9-11 i fuking suk yipyyyyy


2008-07-27 14:34:37 by beast-unleashed

errrrr uhhhhhh...............................
...........i dunno write something if you want i got nothing to say yet